Healthy Corners

Zenful Bites hopes to create a more healthy and sustainable DC, but understands that food education is not enough. Though we strive to educate, access to healthy and affordable food within the DC is limited; only 41% of District residents have access to a grocery store or farmer's market within a five-minute walk. In an effort to reduce those numbers, Zenful Bites has partnered with DC Central Kitchen to promote healthy eating through the Healthy Corners program. 

Through Healthy Corners, store owners buy fresh produce at an affordable rate from DC Central Kitchen. As a result, residents have a better chance to access fresh produce and market items at their local corner store. When the corner store begins to sell the fresh produce, Zenful Bites does a cooking demo outside the store. These demos offers an opportunity for store owners to promote quick and easy ways residents can prepare their produce now readily available. 

Since starting these cooking demos in April 2014, Zenful Bites has performed over 80 cooking demos at 20 community events and 2 cooking demos each at the 30 corner stores, reaching more than 10,000 people in quick and easy ways to prepare healthy and delicious  meals! 

See this blog post on DC Central Kitchen's website about our partnership!

See our original recipes created for Healthy Corners below: